Friday, September 28, 2007

అలవోక సినీ పృఛ్ఛకం (Random cine quiz) - 1

కొన్ని నెలల క్రితం మా స్నేహితుడి పాప పుట్టినరోజు వేడుకకి వచ్చిన వాళ్ళకి బోరుకొట్టకుండా ఉండడానికి నేనొక పృఛ్ఛకం (క్విజ్) నిర్వహించాను. అందులో ప్రశ్నలు కొన్ని మీముందు ఉంచుతున్నాను. వీలు దొరికినప్పుడు ప్రయత్నించండి.

This director in late 1980s, then in his 20s delivered one of the biggest blockbusters of Telugu filmdom. He is a leading Hindi film director and producer now. He was (and is) known for his cocky responses when asked about his films. Once he said "I don't make movies for folks in Bihari hinterland. If the village folk there choose to ignore my movies, then be it" (quote not verbatim).
The music for his fourth movie - that stars the same hero as his first movie – was given by one of the leading composers of yesteryears' Hindi movies. Name the movie and the music director?


dosanara said...

The Move is Antham and the music director , i believe it;s RD.BURMAN

Anonymous said...

Hi Giri,
Pardon this unrelated comment.

For the past week or so, I am unable to read the Telugu font on Firefox / Google Reader. Did you change anything lately? I did check on IE, while the blog looks ok the title bar doesn't come out well.

Thought I should drop you a note about this.

- Subhash

గిరి Giri said...

I changed my blog title from 'తెలుగులో' to 'తెలుగులో తప్పటడుగులు'. Apart from that I haven't changed any settings. I don't know why the problem cropped up, but if I chance upon a possible cause I'll fix it.

Thanks, Giri