Monday, September 10, 2007

How to get PMP PDUs easily?

PMP ఉన్నవారికి చేజోలె (wallet) చిల్లు పడకుండా PDUs సంపాదించే మార్గాలు కొన్ని ఇక్కడ రాసాను. మీకు ఉపయోగ పడతాయేమో చూసుకోండి.


Your weeks’ worth of hard work paid off and you cleared PMP examination. Congratulatory emails pour in from friends and colleagues, you're happy with yourself for a few days - and things return to normal. For a few people, a job hop happens soon after the certification, honeymoon period with the new company happens and ends - and then things return to normal. What next?

All certification programs require their participants to keep abreast of the latest happenings in their respective fields - so does PMI. Here is the link for PMI's continuing certification requirements. PMI requires you to collect 60 professional development units (PDUs) in 3 years and then shell out a renewal fee ($60 for members, $150 for non-members) to stay in good standing on your PMP certification.

There are various activities that allow you to accumulate PDUs and the simplest of them is doing your job as a Project manager. For that, you can lay claim to 5 PDUs per year or a total of 15 PDUs per 3 year cycle. So really it boils down to getting 45 PDUs in 3 years to stay PMP certified. It is a lot of time, but believe me - if you don't plan well you'll end up thinking 'that's a lot of PDUs' in the last year. To avoid last year scrambling, it is better to participate in PDU gleaning activities as soon as possible.

Contrary to what many money-making, PDU-giving websites out there would like you to believe, it is possible to get to that magical 45 without much burden on your pocket. Unless you have a willing sponsor in your company for outrageous hundreds of dollars for tens of PDUs, you should look at some of the options below.

1. Manage projects and keep track of your work: As I mentioned earlier, this is the easiest of task of all. 5 PDUs per year, 15 total in Category 2H. Burden on your wallet is zilch; in fact you make money to do this stuff, don't you?

2. Free webinars: These come under Category 3 that’s for courses handled by PMI registered education providers. International Institute of Learning is one of them and regularly schedules free webinars. The last time I checked, they had twelve 1 -hour sessions each worth 1 PDU. That’s 12 PDUs. This is free too, I have attended 3 of their sessions so far, and think they are very informative.

3. Free podcasts: Under category 2-SDL, you can claim a maximum of 15 PDUs. Free 1 hour podcasts from PMPodcast give you 1 PDU each, and there is over 50 hours of audio material available. You can either download these episodes to your iTunes library or listen to them directly from the website. Again, you don’t spend a dime from your pocket; but end up learning a lot.

4. Volunteer work: A maximum of 20 PDUs can be gathered by working in your local PMI chapter or any recognized Project management organization (non-employer) - 10 PDUs per year if you work as an elected member of the chapter and 5 PDUs per year as a volunteer member of the chapter. You can get 5 PDUs per year if you do volunteer work for any legally recognized charitable organization. This activity involves outlay from you for membership fee, traveling expenses etc. but the satisfaction you get out of the volunteer work might offset any feel of pinch to your pocket. Also, monetarily this might be a cheaper option than paying for PDU courses.

Doing the above 4 should get to the magical 60 mark.

If you’re not willing to do volunteer work, then the other option is to look for economical (but not free) options available on the Internet for PDUs. You’ll see some expensive deals and some good ones. Folks who have taken PMP exam based on PMBOK 2000 can look up online courses offered by or offers 40PDUs for $80 while PMCampus offers 25PDUs for $95. Based on how many PDUs you require, you can choose one of those courses. After you pay up, you’ll get access to their online tests. Get a copy of PMBOK third edition and review it before taking the examinations. The tests will be available for 90 days after registration; though the exams are time-bound, there is no limit on the number of retries to get to the qualifying mark. Once completed, these courses give you the PDU information and a certificate to print.

If you get more than 60 PDUs, note that you have an option to carry over up to 20 PDUs into the next certification cycle – but this applies to only the additional ones accumulated during the 3rd year. Remember to keep record of all your PDU gathering activities, they will come handy if PMI chooses to audit your submissions.


Harwinder Singh said...

Hi Giri,

You've compiled a very good list. I'm a PMP and was in the same boat looking for answers on "How to get my 60 PDUs"? For the first 6 months after getting my certification, I had no idea on how to get these PDUs. Then I started looking around. I had a very hard time getting authentic information. That's when I decided to do some research and put together a good source of information for other PMPs. Here's my post, and I hope it complements your post well, and together they provide good and reliable information to fellow PMPs, and makes their life simpler:

Thanks !

Malakpet Rowdy said...

Good one! Writing a book gives you all the PDUs you need at one shot, provided you continue to be a Project Manager.

Yes, if you can volunteer to be the author of the next PMBoK, then you stand to gain too!