Monday, September 04, 2006

Bommarillu (3/5)

Siddharth, Genelia, Prakash Raj;

Bommarillu is Siddharth's third straight movie in Telugu and it opened to very positive reviews. That's the reason i drove over an hour (far away to Viriginia) to watch it; imagine my disappointment when i found that all the shows for the day were sold out. Good reviews again prompted me to book tickets for the next days show, for a good movie long drive isn't an issue, so i thought. Does the movie deserve such a long drive (twice!), time and effort? Not really! Its a good movie, but not a great one the reviewers plugged on me.

Here's the story: Siddhu's father is a control freak, no one at home dares to go against his word. Siddhu complains to his friends, but never dares to confront him. Micromanaged at home, he vents out his frustrations outside home by boozing and hanging out with his good-for-nothing friends.

Things come to a boil when Siddhu's dad finds a suitable girl for him. The girl (a dad's girl) is good-looking, nice and all that, but Siddhu can't take his dad dictating how he should live the rest of his life.

So he does the expected - promptly finds himself a girl (Haasini) to fall in love with. Doesn't matter if the girl is childish, dumb (with occassional flashes of brilliance), unpredictable and impractical . In the typical movie style "she has the capacity to make Siddhu happy for the rest of his life". Why so? for starters, she is the heroine and that's the way it works in Telugu movies, get it?

She befriends some rowdie-looking guys in the college, goes out for an icecream in the middle of the night, believes that you'll grow horns if you don't "dee-dikkum" twice, speaks out her mind with little regard to consequences and so on. Well occasionally, she comes across as a straight- forward, honest person but generally her tactlessness dominators such flashes.

Siddhu finally musters courage to tell his dad about Haasini, and convinces him to allow Haasini to live in their home for a week. What follow are some funny episodes as Haasini gets close to some family members and alienates herself from some.

On the positive side, the movie has clean dialogues, some rib-tickling episodes, enjoyable songs and lyrics. Devi Sriprasad scored some good songs for this movie. Funny lyrics in "We have a romeo" and "Lalu darawaaja kaada" songs make them all the more enjoyable.

This movie is not the best from Telugu industry in the recent times (as touted), but it isn't that bad either. Worth a watch (if you don't have to drive 70miles to get to the theatre and back!)

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