Thursday, August 02, 2007

చక్దే పాటలు

ఇప్పుడే రిడిఫ్లో చక్దే పాటల సమీక్ష చదివి నవ్వాపుకోలేకపోయాను..ఇది రాసాను.

Head straight to Rediff's review of Chak De music if you want some laughs. The reviewer, who definitely lived in a cave till recently (he thinks Rang De Basanti is THE FIRST generation of new Bollywood sound) states that the revolutionized production standards of Hindi films passed on their bleeding edge touch to music also, and so we have screeching violins and raga-based compositions giving way to X-gen loops, beats and what not. Funny, eh?

Looping and beating have been happening in Hindi songs for many years now, RDB didn't herald anything new there, did it? The author who considers Salim Suleiman the most underrated duo in the film industry should know. Now what memorable scores did the duo deliver? Only Darna Mana Hai and Iqbal, both average beats and loops scores come to my mind.
And what about the alleged Second generation of this new bollywood sound? In reviewers words, it comes with Sarangi, Shehnai, Lovely melodies laced with some loops, programmed grooves and chick-rock. There, Bollywood music crossed a generation and unbeknownst to the old schoolers made its way to car speakers and nightclubs. Whoa!

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